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Elsloo is a historic village, with a unique atmosphere, especially in the heart of the old town. The cobblestone streets, lined with typical old style Dutch houses with brightly coloured shutters, wind down to the beautifully restored Castle Elsloo. The castle is built into the slopes of the valley that were created by the river Maas. Nearby you can walk in the castle park and botanical garden and the surrounding forest. Elsloo also has several shops, cafes and ice creameries.
We wish you a wonderful stay in Elsloo.  For more information, visit: www.elsloo.info. Near 't Raodhoes are several cities worth visiting.


The bustling center of Belgian Limburg, attracts many day-trippers who come to shop in Hasselt- the population has even tripled at times. Hasselt is a fashion hub and even has its own fashion museum. It also has an annual Gin, or Jenever festival. Hasselt is internationally renowned for its unique system of free public transport.


A city with a proud history stretching back 1200 years, Aachen was the preferred residence of King Charlemagne (Charles the Great) and Aachen Cathedral the coronation site of many German Kings and Queens. Charles the Great also famously brought the idea of a unified Europe to Aachen.  In an increasingly urbanised world, the charm of Aachen is that of a modern centre of science and technology, set against the tranquillity of the nearby hills.


Once the regional heart of the coal industry, Heerlen has become a centre of high-quality, high-tech business parks that extend to the German-Dutch border. The modern Theater Heerlen and excellent restaurants in the city centre make for a lively night out.


The long-independent principality, ruled for over 1000 years by the Prince-Bishops, Liege was one of the cradles of the European steel industry. The city has since continued its dramatic expansion in industry and infrastructure including the new TGV train station for high-speed trains to France.


Where else can you find over 1000 km of sign-posted cycle routes and ride more than 450 km traffic-free? The Regional Landscape Kempen and Maasland cycle network has become well known. In fact the entire Maas region is known for its exceptional natural beauty. For hiking and nature trails you should not miss Maasmechelen. We have the most scenic areas of Belgian Limburg, situated in the heart of the Maasland. The modern M2 Shopping Centre has over 60 stores for your shopping pleasure. Super GB also has lots of charming boutiques and cosy pubs and restaurants set in a light and airy atrium.
Parking is plentiful and free!
Fancy a nice terrace? Be quick to get the best seats in the sunny (and heated) terraces.


The city where the Masstricht treaty (which created the European Union) was signed. This is a city of contrasts, where the ultra-modern Céramique district, dominated by Rossi's grand museum, contrasts with the cobbled streets and church towers of the old town.

Raadhuisstraat 46
6181 HB Elsloo (Lb)

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