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Raadhuisstraat 46 - 6181 HB Elsloo

Het Julianakanaal met fietspad, nabij Kasteel Elsloo

Elsloo (Lb)

Elsloo (or Aelse in the local dialect) is a village and former municipality in the
southern Dutch province of Limburg. The municipality existed until 1982 when it
was merged into the present municipality of Stein. The municipality also< included nearby villages Catsop and Meers. Catsop, along with nearby Terhagen, is still considered part of Elsloo.

The original town centre of Elsloo is located in the far southwest of the New Town at the St. Augustine Church in the Old Town. Much of the Old Town is heritage listed and despite the growth of Elsloo, the small village feel hasremained.

One attraction is the Elsloo Castle (or Kasteel), in the Old Town along the Juliana Canal. Only part of the original castle remains having been washed away by the river Maas over time. The castle was in use as a watermill, the Snail Mill, until being skilfully restored in the 1980s.

Elsloo has about 7700 inhabitants, Catsop about 600.

Raadhuisstraat 46
6181 HB Elsloo (Lb)

KVK. 14125613
T +31(0)464372916
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